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Welcome to a new experience in learning! You are about to take your metaphysical understanding into your own hands with Intuitive Arts Online Learning Center. ~It's a radical departure from traditional classes!

Intuitive Arts Learning Center is designed specifically to meet your Metaphysical/Spiritual Needs for Empowerment. We offer a number of Courses to assist you in gaining Spiritual Growth, Holistic Healing Techniques and Intuitive/Psychic Abilities, for personal use or in assisting others professionally.

Melissa Leath, highly recognized and respected medium, shares everything she knows about psychic/medium communication and the timely need for integrity. Mentoring Programs, Classes, Certification Program, and a Web-TV Program covering "psychic stuff" -- what is it? do you have it? and how do you develop it?

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I have been honored over the years to have known and worked with so many wonderful, exciting and interesting people! I have been trying to figure out how I can show my appreciation. What I have come up with is to share a free guided meditation. I love recording meditations - especially on the spur of the moment. Not knowing what I'll say, I am able to let Spirit Speak Through Me. It is a short one, but very effective in assisting you in opening your intuitive side.
Here it is~

Coming soon! Doorway to Your Spirit Guides
An ebook assisting you in connecting and communicating with your guides. More details this month!

Two of Melissa Leath's most remarkable books, Psychic Integrity and Does Your Child See Sparkles? They open your eyes to the spirit world, psychic abilities, and the high integrity needed to access them properly. Everything you need to know to develop your abilities and grow your spirit energy is in these ground-breaking books. Click here for the Sparkles Book And you can Click Here for Psychic Integrity Both are available in softcover and ebook (Kindle).

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