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Melissa Leath, highly recognized and respected medium, shares everything she knows about psychic/medium communication and the timely need for integrity. Mentoring Programs, Classes, Certification Program, and a Web-TV Program covering "psychic stuff" -- what is it? do you have it? and how do you develop it?

Two of Melissa Leath's most remarkable books, Psychic Integrity and Does Your Child See Sparkles? They open your eyes to the spirit world, psychic abilities, and the high integrity needed to access them properly. Everything you need to know to develop your abilities and grow your spirit energy is in these ground-breaking books. Click here for the Sparkles Book And you can Click Here for Psychic Integrity Both are available in softcover and ebook (Kindle).

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Melissa is pleased to announce that she will be teaching a one-day workshop at Lily Dale Assembly, New York this summer (2017). "Your Own Secret Codes: Develop Your Language of Spirit." If you always wanted to participate in a teaching event with Melissa, but did not live near her Ohio home, then this is a wonderful opportunity to experience her knowledge and loving energy in person!
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Once a Month
New Mentoring Circle

Onsite: Lotus Center, Springfield, Ohio

Melissa's Mentoring Circle is for psychic development, so you can connect with like minded people on the same path.

We start with basics and explore your specific experiences and practice.

Structured to Melissa Leath's guidelines (over 35 years experience), but open to flow with the group.

If you want to connect with a mentoring circle, call Melissa at 937-323-5346 to discuss your participation.

Held once a month. For more information Click Here!


Free Introductory Class!
When you purchase your first Monthly Online Packet+

Want to study with Melissa Leath, but live too far away to attend onsite classes? This is a wonderful way for you to participate in your own self-development, only in a closed, private group.

Includes a video lesson, guided meditation, content, and other surprises. Share your development, questions, and impressions with the class in a secret forum on Facebook just for this class!

Your own pace; your own time..
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A Gathering and Spirit Discussion Group
Held in Springfield, Ohio.
Saturday March 11, 2016 -- Noon-3:00pm

Continue with your development. This Gathering is the perfect way to be together and learn together.

Grant yourself permission to see, intuitively. Learn about the Higher Self, Inner World, Outer World, etc. Go beyond self imposed blocks, to get clear on your life path, and allow your intuitive and mediumship abilities to grow. For More Information


Doorway to Your Spirit Guides

Virtual Online Video Course. Designed to last four weeks, but you can proceed as you wish, in your own time! This course of study is essential for expanding your psychic medium abilities.

Connecting with your spirit guides starts in a simple way: early childhood experiences, developing a spirit guide meditation, personal symbols, and special exercises. Create distinct practices for your own unique link, generating a deeper, harmonious rapport with your guides.

Module 1. Who are your guides?
Module 2. Making first contact.
Module 3. Are you sure?
Module 4. Deeper linking.
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