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Melissa Leath, highly recognized and respected medium, shares everything she knows about psychic/medium communication and the timely need for integrity. Besides her Mentoring Programs, Classes, and Certification Program, she provides a web-tv program to provide more information about "psychic stuff": what is it? do you have it? and how do you develop it?


Over the past few years, many of you have emailed with questions about developing psychic abilities and unfolding mediumship. Since it is very difficult to address every email personally and in depth, she has decided to create these short bits of information in video style. This way, you can benefit from other's questions as well as your own.
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Doodling Mandala and Coloring Workshop
Springfield, Ohio, Saturday, August 29, 2015, from 1:00-3:30pm

No artistic ability needed! All materials included in the $20 price. Blending the random flowing lines and the spiritual mandala form, you can create your own symbol for meditation!

Random drawings done mindlessly can assist your conscious and subconscious mind. By using natural flowing designs, you can unleash your creative and inspirational self-awareness. Using the mandala as the focus gives you a direct map into “inner reality”.

Many years ago, Indian mystics cultivated direct experiences of the Absolute, the One, through meditation. Through these experiences their view of reality and the nature of the self were transformed, and they became enlightened.
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Monthly Online Development
Development Class Alternative: Can't make it to classes in the Springfield, Ohio area? Then this option is just for you! Self Study as You Want It!

For those of you who want to study with Melissa Leath, but live too far away to attend onsite classes, this is a wonderful way for you to participate in your own self-development, only in a closed, private group. Held once a month, with projects to keep you working at home, with video lessons and guided meditation audios.

They are for unfoldment and development of psychic awareness and mediumship awakening. Both novice and seasoned students benefit from these classes. A warm and safe environment has come from these classes and all are welcome.
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Private Mentoring Program

For those who are not able to attend the regular development classes, but wish to learn and unfold their gifts in private instruction, Melissa offers a Private Mentoring Program. This program is very flexible, and is geared to each individual. So you are able to progress on your own time and inclination.

You may get intuitive or psychic information sporadically, and wish to develop better control of receiving this content. Or you may be seeing movement in your home and want to understand what it is, or how to stop it. You may wish to connect with your spirit guides or angels. Or you may wish to refine the connection you already have. The Private Mentoring Program can be personalized to your specific needs.

Blocks of one-hour sessions are created on a regular basis, according to your schedule. However, you may want to meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You decide what is best for you and your circumstances. Call 937-323-5346 to speak to Melissa for more information and set your schedule with her. Click here for more information>> PRIVATE MENTORING


Online Certification Program
Professional Psychic Medium
Level One ~ Understand Your Spiritual Foundation
(levels 2-3-4 to follow soon)

Each stage of this expansive program is designed to challenge and inspire you to your own level of integrity, and builds on each stage. You will be introduced into a specific model of psychic and mediumship professionalism which you can fully integrate into your specialty and expand into a broader vision for your life’s work. Completion of the entire program is necessary in order to become certified as a psychic professional developed for Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Arts by Rev. Melissa Leath.

Wonder what the Professional Psychic Medium Certification Program is all about? Watch this short video that gives a quick look~~Online Certification Program

Use your certification personally to help create strong business relationships and personal relationships, OR use them to help others with guidance and information through intuitive readings. This Program is available for all who wish to use their intuitive, psychic and medium abilities, but is designed especially for the person who wishes to use these gifts professionally with others.





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