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This workshop is being held at Lily Dale Assembly, NY

Southwestern New York State, centrally located between Buffalo, Toronto, Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

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Melissa is pleased to announce that she will be teaching a one-day workshop in Lilydale, New York this summer (2017). "Your Own Secret Codes: Develop Your Language of Spirit." If you always wanted to participate in a teaching event with Melissa, but did not live near her Ohio home, then this is a wonderful opportunity to experience her knowledge and loving energy in person!

Date: Sunday, July 23, 2017, 2-5pm. Octagon Bldg.)
Location: Lilydale Spiritual Assembly, Lilydale, New York
More info: www.lilydaleassembly.com

Mind, memories, and five (ultra) senses work together opening a personal code of symbols, to develop your spirit communication.

By using your five expanded, ultra-senses you can tap into innate wisdom, recognizing body-mind messages that open your spiritual connections. It is inner vision brought through many guises: hunches, dreams, gut-feelings, giving you data to maneuver in the ‘other’ worlds.

Find out how your guides access connections and present messages. Hands-on experimentation will strengthen brain/mind interrelationships through subconscious prompters. Then you will create personal spirit-linking abilities. Areas covered:

  • Your psychic impressions
  • UltraSense™ (expanding your five senses) to identify clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, etc.
  • Incorporate psychic medium abilities for self-use.
  • Break down barriers that hide your abilities.
  • Bridge the subconscious and conscious minds to develop your connection.
  • Create special practices to enhance the lost link.

    Biography Melissa Leath, owner Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Arts is facilitator of the Professional Psychic Medium Certification Program™, works with psychic kids and adults and has a bachelor’s in Metaphysical Counseling. She is a certified spiritual medium, spiritualist minister, Life Visionary™ and author of Psychic Integrity - The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics, Orange Blossom Meditation, and Does Your Child See Sparkles? - Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids.

    Melissa shares the knowledge of psychic empowerment, guiding thousands of people through her books, sessions, and programs. She teaches online and in person, lectures nationally, writes for metaphysical magazines, and is a featured radio guest.

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    As a young child, Melissa spend much time communicating with Nature Spirits since she lived in the country. As she became a teenager, she started studying the paranormal world and metaphysics. Around 1978 (approx. 29 years of age), she officially embarked on an honest and earnest development of spiritual concepts. She "sat" in weekly unfoldment classes in a Spiritualist Church for years, to develop her mediumistic abilities.

    By 1983, Melissa became certified as a spiritual medium, and was ordained and licensed as a spiritualist/metaphysical minister in 1997. She has worked as medium, psychic reader and counselor with clients for over 34 years, and finds that teaching and mentoring others in their own development is her passion.

    Being an authentic spiritual medium and intuitive, Melissa is dedicated to sharing the knowledge of psychic empowerment with others. She accomplishes this through mentoring/counseling clients and teaching workshops. Her mission now is to touch as many people as possible through her books, sessions, and programs. She has been assisting her clients in learning spiritual concepts and recognizing higher purpose for their lives.

    Melissa is the owner of Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Arts, facilitator of the Professional Psychic Medium Certification Program™, and works with psychic/mediumistic kids and adults in private mentoring programs. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Counseling.

    Life Visionary™, Master Reiki practitioner and teacher, and author, Melissa has written a number of books including, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics, and most recent: Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids.

    She teaches both online and in person, has taught meditation and parapsychology courses at Clark State Community College in Springfield, Ohio, and is one of only a handful of mediums offering classes for psychically gifted children. She has presented papers at the US Psychotronics Association Conferences, she has written for DreamWeaver Magazine, and is a regular featured radio guest.

    Psychic Awareness and Mediumship

    Private Mentoring Program
    Workshop and Intensives
    Support and instruction for your own spiritual gifts
    Self-development, spiritual growth, meditation
    Learn from a respected spiritual teacher

    Become a Certified Professional Psychic/Medium

    Designed to challenge and inspire you
    Find your own level of professional integrity
    Specific model to integrate your specialty
    One year program with four levels
    Pre-requisite: one year working psychic knowledge/use


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