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AUDIO LESSON on Shifting Seasons


Psychic Integrity, the Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics

Literally years in the making, Melissa Leath shares this major contribution to the psychic/medium industry. Much of the course is taken from this text, and expanded on.



"There are spirits that are very conscious and very deliberate in their work. They might take the form of an animal such as a tortoise, a horse, or a bird...Seeing the totem evokes the quality of that totem so that I can do inner work."
~ John J. Oliver


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"A Consistant Method for Becoming Psychic" By Rev. Melissa Leath

Do you get random psychic information during the day? Usually while driving to work or when you least expect it?

Wouldn't you rather get the information "on-demand," actually when you want it and need it, instead of at odd times during the day?

Then you are ready to take control of your own development. Your spirit guides are constantly feeding you information. Their job is to always be there for you and assist you in your life. So incoming information is always there. The problem is, you might not always be available to access that information: you might not know what to do, or how it feels, to "tune-in" to what is being given to you.

No problem. I've got the answer for you.

Just what could that be? you ask. It's something I teach in all of my development classes. I call it Development Meditation. No, you don't have to sit crossed-legged and say, "Ohmmmm..." It isn't a deep, deep meditation. It is a space that you are physically calm, mentally quiet, but still aware.

Find a place you can use everyday. Set aside 10-20 minutes. Sit in a comfortable place...make sure your back is straight to support your head and body. Find something to focus on. Usually your breath is a great focus. It is something you do naturally. But when you are focused on it, then your ego-mind has a chance to slow down and open to creativity and imagination.

Take your time and pay attention to your breathing. Count on your inhale, 1-2-3. Hold for a second. Then count on the exhale, 1-2-3. Hold for a second. Continue with this type of breathing.

After you practice this method for several days, or even a week, you will begin to notice your body kind of gets sluggish, or feels numb. You may not remember how you have placed your legs before the meditation. You may not even feel your legs or feet.

Good. Just pay attention to it. Then you will realize that your hand or fingers have moved without you doing it. This is a sign that you are fully engaged with your Higher Self (Spirit Guides) and open for communion. You will be able to pose questions at this time, for example: What will be the result of my job interview? or, Should I look for another job?

There is no limit as to the kind of question you can ask. It could be personal, about a situation, or a universal idea: tell me about the concept of love.

At first, you may not really recognize anything. Or you may feel a sensation like being cold or hot, or a nervous feeling. You may see colors in your mind's eye. Or hear thoughts in your head.

Any subtle sensation or vision (even if you think it is your imagination) is important to acknowledge. They may seem insignificant at the time. But it is dealing with another level of awareness: a much more subtle level. After all, it is not the physical dimension, it is a finer, lighter dimension.

After 10-20 minutes of this meditative state, change your focus back to the physical. Be purposefully aware of your earthly surroundings. Be grounded back in your body. Always be back in the present, physical awareness.

Keep a journal next to you during this meditation. Always jot down what your thoughts were. How did you feel? Did you see anything in your mind's eye? Were there any sounds?

These are things that will help you recognize even the smallest bit of information. And by recognizing these things, it will help you grow in the next sitting.

This activity will help you open and access information as you wish to have it, on demand. Instead of only getting things by default, when you are least expecting it.

You must be dedicated to this Development Meditation practice. It is the practice that allows you to become familiar with the subtle energies of your Higher Self. And it gives your mind the experience of and getting into the habit of being available to receive what your guides are always sending you. The association and bond you form from this meditation is priceless, but can only be reached with dedication.

Break Down~

  • Sit quietly
  • Breathe
  • Be aware
  • Keep a journal
  • Keep it a daily practice

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