Melissa Leath's Monthly Online Membership for Psychic Development.


What's Included in this Class? All the Information Right Here~
Psychic Development - Monthly - Online - and Interactive

Melissa Leath, Psychic Medium, Mentor, Author

Other Bonuses

Some of these bonuses might pop up each month. There will be at least two of the following during the month's lesson:

Special Skype-Seminar.
At least once (maybe twice) a year, there will be a Live Skype Presentation. It will probably be surrounding current events or topics.

Lesson in Content Form (PDF.)
This content can be printed out if you like to read later or store in a physical folder.

A Guest Article by a well known professional.
This may be a psychic, medium, lecturer, speaker, author, etc. who wants to share their information with you!

An Article written by Melissa Leath.
This article will expand on the main lesson of the month.

An Interview with a well known, and experienced professional.
It's always great to hear from other people in the field!

Several times a year, Melissa will gather all the members and share some tid-bits and exciting findings dealing with psychic "stuff". (Audio recording will always be available after the event.)


Melissa Leath uses this major contribution to the psychic/medium industry as part of the classes. Psychic Integrity

Investment: $40.00 per month

To receive your FREE Introductory Class, sign up for the member's only first month's class, by using this payment button. It takes you to Paypal for payment. (After the first month, you will receive a Paypal Invitation Invoice via email about a week before the class to use for payment.)

After payment, you will be redirected to a the FREE Introductory Class page. Then your member's only first month's video packet link will be sent to you the first of the month. (No obligation to continue.)

One class per month, includes video lessons, guided development meditation, and group interaction on a secret Facebook page, and other bonuses.


You can join anytime during the month and will be sent directly to your Free Introductory Class. Then, on the first week of the month, you get your monthly class packet.

Who should attend? --

Have you been getting psychic “hits” at different times of the day? Do you think you are psychic, but not sure? Are you interested in gaining control over this gift? Would you like to share with others of like-mind, in a safe environment? Then this is the class for you.

What to expect --

  • Video Packet. You will receive a Video Package with all the content needed for the month.
    The video packet includes a video lesson for the month, a guided meditation, and other occasional bonuses, such as articles for your development, pdf content, interviews, reviews of books or products, etc.

  • Technique or Subject. Melissa will present instructional teaching on a particular technique or subject that will help you advance in your development.

  • Exercises. There will be exercises that you can use during the month.

  • Guided Audio Meditation. Along with the video, you will also receive an audio guided meditation to use during the month.

  • Virual Classroom.You will connect with a virtual class of fellow students. Each member is following the same lesson you will be.

  • Cyber Forum. A secret page on Facebook is set up for all members to have on-going contact with each month. You are free to ask questions, have discussion, and share meditation and development experiences with your classmates on the secret Facebook Page just for your class!

  • Interactive Discussion. This discussion takes place once a month on a secret page on Facebook just for this class. Each formal discussion is the last Thursday of each month at 7:00pm EasternUS. It lasts at least one hour, maybe longer depending on the size of the group participating. During this time you can share any sensations you experience during your meditations, including words, thoughts, colors, etc.

    (NOTE- The Facebook discussion is not mandatory. If you do not want to be a Facebook member, you do not need to participate. But this is a really fun part of the class, and friendships are forged here.)

  • MindOpeningArticles. A small section in the side bar of the lesson page will have links to obscure articles that blow your thinking process!

  • InterestingLinks. We'll always add to the sidebar some other links of websites that will interest you and keep you connected with what is going on in the profession!

  • Other Books/Authors. Also in the side bar will be links to other authors and/or their books to fill you down time with more information!

    On-going classes. A new class starts the first week of each month. You can jump in anytime. The Video Packages are sent via email the first of each month. And the Facebook Interaction will take place the last Thursday of the month. -- In-between, you have the opportunity to watch the video, listen to the audio, and practice your development meditation.

  • Your Instructor:

    Melissa Leath uses her book Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics as the basis for the class. It will be used for a foundation of her teachings. She has been co-teacher (with Sharon Smythe) for two ongoing development classes, since 2006, in the Ohio area.

    Melissa Leath, owner of Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Arts, facilitator of the Professional Psychic Medium Certification Program™, works with psychic/mediumistic kids and young adults in private mentoring programs. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Counseling, was certified as a spiritual medium in 1983, and ordained as a spiritualist minister in 1997.

    Life Visionary™ and author of a number of books including her newest: Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids, her mission is to guide as many people as possible through her books, sessions, and programs. She teaches both online and in person, has taught meditation and parapsychology courses at Clark State Community College in Springfield, Ohio, and is one of only a handful of mediums offering classes for psychically gifted children. She has written for DreamWeaver Magazine, and is a regular featured radio guest.

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