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Latest Amazon Review for Psychic Integrity:
Psychic Integrity ... is the first book that I've read about psychics and mediums that gives a clear understanding of the subjects covered. Melissa takes a broad spectrum of thoughts and ideas and intertwines them to make a clearer picture of the spirit world. When I first read this book I was in very unfamiliar territory, As a matter of fact I had been taught by fundamentalist Christians that this stuff is evil. Psychic Integrity laid these notions to rest and has given me a whole new outlook on the spirit realm. I have read & re-read this book many times over in the course of the past year. It is the yardstick that I use to measure other information on these topics. Why? Because I trust the Integrity of the author. This is a book for seekers at any level. It is a very good reminder of how important honesty and integrity is in every avenue of life. Thank you, Melissa Leath for a great resource. -- Sally Ronald Amazon Reviews

Now the Truth About Being Psychic

Melissa Leath Presents:

Here is a frank, first-hand look at psychics, mediumship development and genuine spirit communication vs. fake cold readings, from both the psychic’s and the clients’ perspective.

As a fresh and incisive book, Psychic Integrity probes the esoteric world of communicating with spirit beings and psychic phenomena.

Mystifying concepts are explained in straightforward ways, so the general public as well as, clients and novice psychics can understand and become familiar with them. A major portion of the book takes you through the development process of becoming a reliable and honest psychic or medium.

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This is the second edition of Psychic Integrity. It is streamlined, polished, organized and is an empowering example of the integrity of the field of psychic and mediumship work. Find out what other people are saying about Psychic Integrity.

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Feel free to look at the sample excerpt page for a good example of the chapter called The Bottom Line.

Do you ever wonder about psychics and mediums? Do you question if spirit communication is real or fake? This is your guide book for integrity. Everything you need to be a reputable reader!

Find out about the different levels of the Spirit World, unfolding your psychic and medium abilities properly, raising your vibrations to access the highest realm of spirit guides.

Melissa Leath, highly recognized and respected medium, and owner of Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Arts, shares everything she knows about psychic/medium communication and the timely need for integrity.

Melissa relates information on bringing back the respect and honor of the psychic and medium profession. She will enlighten you to the robust, full heritage from hundreds of years of divination (as found in the introduction) and ministry to others.

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So glad I got to talk to you at the Victory of Light Fair! I have been telling everyone about you and your book "Psychic INTEGRITY". It has been most helpful to me on my spiritual path to connect and communicate, you break it all down and explain it so well for me to understand!

Thank you so much. Your book is a must for others to read, the best I have ever read!"

Andrea L. Brock Hitchcock, Licensed Massage Therapist, Cincinnati, Ohio

    ARTICLES: Here are the articles Melissa referenced in the book for expanded information:

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