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* Multi-Dimensional Awareness
* Ghosts: Psychology of Earthbound Spirits
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Intuitive Arts Learning Center is designed specifically to meet your Metaphysical/Spiritual Needs for Empowerment. We offer a number of Courses to assist you in gaining Spiritual Growth and Intuitive/Psychic Abilities, for personal use or in assisting others professionally.

VIRTUAL ACCESS: The Center is totally virtual, so you can access everything you need right here on this website! There are different ways to take classes or workshops.

WORKBOOK CONTENT: Some Classes are strictly in written workbook form as PDFs. They can be downloaded from this site as soon as you make your payment for the class. The content and materials are then yours, and you can keep them on your computer or print them out for notebook use.

AUDIO OR VIDEO:Some of the classes and/or workshops are in audio or video form. These are prepared through Youtube as Private listings (which mean that they are not accessible online until you receive the link). You should keep the link to these so you can access them again and again. (so if the link is lost, you will not be able to access the program. In which case, you should contact us via email: with your name and Paypal payment order number, so we can connect you again with the link.) There is no public access to these links and we are very particular in keeping it that way.

LONG TERM CLASSES:Some courses may be longer term classes in a special topic (such as advanced meditation). After completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion. (do not confuse this with Certification of a Program) It merely recognizes your accomplishment and can be added to your achievements in a field of study.

CERTIFICATION PROGRAM:Full Certification at this time is only as a Professional Psychic Medium. This Program is basically one year long including four (4) daylong workshops, plus outside study, research and volunteer work. It is a very expansive program and includes video, audio, and PDF files of the program as it was taught in On-Site setting. This Program can be attended in person (Yellow Springs, Ohio), by Real-Time via Skype, or via this Online setting. If you access it via the Online Setting, then you can progress at your own pace.

"REAL WORLD" CLASSES OR WORKSHOPS: Some classes and possibly workshops are presented live via Skype video. These classes are scheduled at certain times and you must prepay for the classes, then you will receive the Skype invitation for enrollment to the class.

"ON-SITE" INTENSIVES These intensives are the only presentations that are held in real time at a real location, and you must be present for attendance.

FREE 2-3 LESSON CLASSES: As a special treat, we felt it was great to include a few free classes to the center. This way you can get a good idea of what the other classes are like. And at the same time, you can learn about a metaphysical topic! They will always have content in PDF form and usually an audio with guided meditation included.

ARTICLES, RESOURCES, AND OUTSIDE LINKS: We include other ways for you to compliment your studies. We always add information and links as we come across new authors, websites or articles that could be of interest. So check back often!


>>> The Director of the Center is Rev. Melissa Leath, a Metaphysical Minister and Certified Spiritual Medium since 1983. She is a Spiritual Educator and Facilitator. Rev. Leath is available to assist you in your endeavours.