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Level Two: Psychic Awareness
[pre-requisite: for full certification of this program, Level One: Spiritual Awakening should be completed along with the Self Study Items ]

(1.) Symbols and why they are important
(2.) Understanding earth energies
(3.) Using personal energy fields
(4.) Working with other's vibrations

This intensive helps to enhance your abilities. Learn how to balance and clear your chakras to help "clear the channel" to receive messages, using guided meditations, learn about auras, and how to read your own or others. Find out the difference between physical and spiritual energies.

Examples of Subject Matter and Topics Discussed:

  • Earth energies
  • UltraSense, Clairvoyance, etc.
  • Direct Vibrational Work
  • Becoming Psychically Aware
  • Discover Your Gift
  • Past Life Healing
  • Psychic Self Care
  • Shaman and Mental Illness
  • Automatic Writing and Inspiration

    Workshop Format: You will receive videos (from previous on-site workshops) of each subject covered in this workshop; Content in PDF form that you can download and keep to you computer, or print out for a notebook; and, a Self Study Packet (see below) needed to complete if you intend to be certified.

    As part of the LEVEL TWO Packet, you will receive these Documents for your continued study/experience, as part of the Certification Program:

    1. Content for Reference
    2. Documentation Forms for Student Study Points*
  • a. Personal Study: Take on-going development classes
  • b. Essay from Resource Materials
  • c. Outside Study: take a workshop or day-long intensive related to metaphysical studies.
  • d. Volunteer Outreach: volunteer at expos, metaphysical bookstores, during Leath’s workshops, spiritualist churches’ activities, participate in spiritualist programs or gatherings
  • e. Essay: Write a paper on your experiences of volunteering.
  • 3. Consent Form* and information for owner/director of bookstore, church or center to sign, agreeing to allow you to volunteer in that establishment to gain experience and Student Study Points
    4. Daily Log* for owner/director to keep notes on your performance.
    5. Instructions for a Short Essay* on what you have learned by volunteering.
    6. Other information for the one year program requirements.

    * These are to be completed between Level One and Level Two


    Investment for Certification Level Two: $150.
    You can pay with your credit card or your Paypal account by clicking on the button here.

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    >>> The Director of the Center is Rev. Melissa Leath, a Metaphysical Minister and Certified Spiritual Medium since 1983. She is a Spiritual Educator and Facilitator. Rev. Leath is available to assist you in your endeavours.