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Schedule your session FIRST!

Call Melissa at 937-323-5346 to schedule your appointment first before you make payment. Thanks!

PAY for Life Consultations Here! All phone readings must now be paid for through Paypal.

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Life! CONSULTATIONS with Melissa Leath

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Private Sessions Appointments are scheduled at 45 minutes for $80. This has been determined to be the best amount of time, and still keep the cost affordable for all.

*** Schedule Session FIRST ***

Call Melissa at 937-323-5346 to schedule your appointment first, then click below to make your payment. Thanks!
PAY for Life Consultations Here! All phone readings must now be paid for through Paypal.

Schedule your appointment at a time that will not make you rushed. Keep time available for yourself before and after the reading, to reflect.

Be sure to call at the appointed time. Please be courteous. The time you have scheduled is the only time you will be able to use. Even if you call in late, you still will be charged for the time you have agreed to. The schedule is set up to allow ample time for each client.

**There will be a price increase for both In-Person/Phone Readings in the next few months.
Details will be available as soon as they are set. Feel free to book your appointments early enough ahead of the increase to take advantage of the current price.

Private Phone Consultations ~~ At this time, because of her full writing and teaching timetable, there are only a limited number of phone sessions available. They may be scheduled one-two months in advance.

    What Are Your Concerns and Challenges?

Thai Herbs and Vegetables

  »  Career choices or changes.
  »  Resolve limiting beliefs.
  »  Finalize old relationships.
  »  Family dynamics with spouse or children.
  »  Achieving goals.
  »  Decision making.
  »  Spiritual life path.

Melissa is able to come into contact with the client's vibration, to provide information on past, present and future events, including: personal family life, business and career, finances, marriage and love, and spiritual path. This consultation includes Clairvoyance and Intuition, Psychometry, Earth Cards, Mediumship, and Spiritual Counseling. This consultation helps the client make informed decisions concerning his/her life.

Melissa's clients range from: students, physicians and surgeons, teachers, world-class opera singers, actors, musicians, television news anchors, radio talk show hosts, mothers and fathers, poets, corporate CEOs, store owners/managers, massage therapists, life coaches, psychics, political leaders, pro-athletes, national speakers, energy healers, and the list goes on.

    What We Can Achieve Together:

Thai Herbs and Vegetables

  »  The reality of your situation and what your options are.
  »  Ideas given to assist you in your changes.
  »  Insight shared in goal setting and achievement.
  »  Your best interest will always be paramount.
  »  Areas to grow and exercises to use in spiritual endeavors.

How to Schedule an Appointment for PRIVATE SESSIONS:

At this time, only a limited number of Phone Consultations are available. To schedule an appointment, call: 937-323-5346. Please give your full name and a phone number that you can be reached personally or by voice mail.
I recommend you read How to have a good Life! Consultation


A day or two before your appointment, start making a written list of your questions or concerns, and possible loved ones in spirit that you would like to contact. Have that list handy when you call for your reading. Melissa and her spiritual guides will do everything possible to contact your loved ones. And by asking them to be in your energies during the consultation, yourself, through prayer and meditation, the chances are much greater.

How Will the Consultation Proceed?

Make sure you make your payment here after scheduling your appointment: The session will start off with a Protective-Invocational Prayer. During this time, Melissa will be coming into your energies and closing the door to everything else around her. She will then be "in the spirit". She will ask your first name... Click Here to continue how the consultation proceeds.

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