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Doorway to Your Spirit Guides
{ONLINE} 4-Week Virtual Video Course ** Please Read All Information! **

Starts on Monday, August 7, 2017
* This course of study is essential for expanding your psychic medium abilities. *

Each week you will receive an Email Packet with video lesson, guided meditation, written content, plus other goodies to assist you with the lesson. Designed to last four weeks. (But you can proceed as you wish, in your own time!)

The foundation to connect with your spirit guides starts in a simple way: early childhood experiences, developing a spirit guide meditation, personal symbols, and special exercises. Create distinct practices for your own unique link, generating a deeper, harmonious rapport with your guides.

Module 1. Who are your guides?
Explore who your guides are and how they are connected to you. Includes discussion on the different levels of existence, ascended masters, spirit teachers, animal guides, etc.

Module 2. Making first contact.
Are your guides always there? Why don't you hear them? Learn how your guides are able to connect in a very natural and organic manner. Exercises and practices to use.

Module 3. Are you sure?
Get doubt out of the equation. Receiving Recognition Response. How can you be sure you are receiving information from your guide? What are the clues you can be sure of? How does the information feel?

Module 4. Deeper linking.
Now you can go into a closer relationship with your spirit guide. Find out just how much you can receive from them and understand. Realize how much you can use spirit guide connections in your work/life.

Each module includes:

  • Instructional video presentations, guided audio meditation and pdf content. Take your time and watch the video when it is convenient for you.
  • Progress in your own development connecting with your spirit guides.
  • Connection with others in your class to use all month, and access to Melissa with a secret page on Facebook.
  • A special Interactive Discussion on each Thursday of the four weeks.
  • Investment: $98.00

    After payment on our Paypal site is complete, you will be automatically directed to a Special Page confirming your participation in this workshop, plus what to expect. If you have any difficulty with the page, email: melissaleath@gmail.com with your Order Number, and we will send you a direct link. Thank you.

    This is How it Works

    When you register, you are brought to a special page for the details for the course. About a week before the event starts, you will be added to the secret page on Facebook for the interactive sessions. You will be sent an email which gives you the Facebook address.

    ** The weekend just before August 7, you will receive an email with your Video Lesson Packet. It will have the video lesson, guided meditation, written lesson content, plus extras for your week's lesson plan. On your own time, study the information. (If it takes longer than a week, that's fine. Each week you will receive a new Video Packet in the next line of study. The course is set for 4 (four) weeks. But you can take as long as you need to progress.

    ** Each Thursday of the four weeks at 7:00pm Eastern, I will hold an interactive session on the secret Facebook page for one hour. This is to cover the week's lesson. You will be invited to the Facebook Secret Doorway Interactive Page.** I will post informative bits of information to compliment the course, post links or graphics that also go with the topic of spirit guides. But most important of all: I will be there to answer questions. So you can just be around and read what everyone else is posting, you can join in on the conversation, or you can ask anything to do with guides pertaining to that week's module content! Also, the information will stay up for the whole month of the course, so you can access it anytime you like.

    **In order for you to participate in this section of the course, you must first be “Friends” with me on Facebook. After registration, go to: www.facebook.com/melissa.leath and then click on the link of my Facebook Page to become friends. Then I can invite you to the Secret Page (no one will see the page or know you are part of it.) You will then be automatically listed on the Page as a member. Only those who are taking this course will be invited.

    About Your Instructor:

    Melissa Leath has studied metaphysics and spirituality for 50 years, and been strictly involved in development for over 35 years. She is certified as a spiritual medium (1983) through an independent spiritualist church, and ordained/licensed as spiritualist and metaphysical minister since 1997. Melissa has served clients and students during this time as counselor, psychic medium, and development teacher. She is author of several books including "Orange Blossom Meditation", "Psychic Integrity - The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics" and "Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids". Melissa wishes to empower others in their own psychic medium abilities. To learn more about Melissa Leath please Click Here

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