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Over the past few years, many of you have emailed with questions about developing psychic abilities and unfolding mediumship. Since it is very difficult to address every email personally and in depth, she has decided to create these short bits of information in video style. This way, you can benefit from other's questions as well as your own.

Episode #12 -- I Can't See My Spirit Guide

Do you have trouble knowing who your spirit guide is? Do you want to see them, or know their name?

Episode #11 -- Question Your Psychic Reader

When receiving a psychic reading, do you ever question the information coming through?

Episode #10 -- Empathic Kids Tip

Do you wonder if your child is empathic? Here is a information to help you recognize it and help your child.

Episode #9 -- Psychic Protection Tips

Use these psychic protection tips right away!

Episode #8 -- Spirit Guides and Seeing Auras

Can you see auras? Why not ask your guides to help you by using imagination and pretending. Using this technique can help you develop this ability.

Episode #7 -- Instant Psychic Grounding Tools

Are you too woo-woo? Here are some tips to use that helps you stay physically in the body so you can be more affective with your psychic connections.

Episode #6 -- Psychic or Just Your Imagination?

Do you think your imagination is running wild? Or could it really be psychic abilities? The imagination does have importance in your psychic awareness and development.

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