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Ghosts: The Psychology of Earthbound Spirits

Workshop Format:

  • One Hour Audio Lecture-Workshop
  • PDF Content
  • plus other resources to compliment your studies.

  • This workshop covers a wide range of information about ghosts and spirits, and understanding what the difference is between them. Spirits are loved ones or other former human beings who have lived on the earth. They are now in the spirit world and have gone through the entire process of transformation. A ghost is a lost spirit that has not fully embraced the transformation into the spirit world. It remains attached to earthly things or people in an attempt to re-assimilate.

    Also covered is:

  • Why are they earthbound? What keeps them trapped?

  • Understanding the Death Process, and the shifting place between “earthbound” and “in-spirit”.

  • Discussion on clean spirit – unclean spirit, as related in the Bible.

  • Hauntings: What can you do? What is a residual haunting?

  • Is there a moral obligation to clearing spirit energies from a haunted place?

    This lecture covers so much information, you will want to listen to it over and over. The lecture is followed by questions and answers.

    Investment: $30.00

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    >>> The Director of the Center is Rev. Melissa Leath, a Metaphysical Minister and Certified Spiritual Medium since 1983. She is a Spiritual Educator and Facilitator. Rev. Leath is available to assist you in your endeavours.