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About Melissa Leath


Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics

Melissa Leath spent this past year intensely with her nose to the grindstone editing this major contribution to the psychic/medium industry.

Melissa reveals information about psychics who are authentic and those who are unreputable. It is important for the general public to know what is going on in the psychic world of spirits. Because of so much media hype, psychics and mediums have been disrespected for far too long. The days of Miss Cleo are gone and the truth is available.

The truth is in Psychic Integrity, not only for the public to be better informed, but for many psychics and mediums who may not have had any formal training to understand how the process works. When you know how it works, you are more empowered.

Melissa's book, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics ( and Barnes & is discussed at length in her website: There are plenty of excerpts, articles and the full Introduction is there too.

Finally, fears and doubts about the psychic and medium realm of communication are looked at, understood and resolved in the most amazing and respectful way. The once respected and highly revered profession of spirit communion is now addressed.

VIRTUAL TOUR: Starting early in 2012, we started a virtual tour for the book. First, in February, Melissa was interviewed by Trinda Latham. She posted the remarkable essense of the interview in her renowned blog "Meet and Make a Connection". Here is the link to Meet Melissa Leath as a virtual interview.

Next, in March of this year, Cinnamon Moon interviewed Melissa about Psychic Integrity on her BlogTalkRadio Program. The hour of insight is found at Two Moons Talking with Melissa Leath.

This is the book that has started the conversation! So what do you have to say about it? Psychic Integrity is easy to purchase. Just click right here:

Book or Kindle on Amazon
Book or Nook at Barnes & Noble


"Do not wait until all the conditions are perfect for you to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect."
~ Alan Cohan


Book on Spiritual Laws by Medium John Holland
POWER OF THE SOUL - Inside Wisdom for an Outside World This fascinating book provides some of the tools to help you to tap in to one of the most powerful forces in the Universe - your soul! You’ll develop a conscious awareness of the spiritual laws that help mold your life, and the individual soul force that’s in each and every one of you. Power of the Soul is more than just a guide . . . it’s a way back to living from the inside out. It will help you (no matter what your walk of life) follow your own spiritual read more, Click Here


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Here is a quick overview of her events:
Check the Events Page for more detail.

April, 2012:

  • Private Work and Writing
  • Local Development Classes in Springfield and Dayton Ohio
  • Lecture and Exhibit at Victory of Light Expo, Sharonville, Ohio
  • Internet Radio Guest on The Now Age (Resolving Karma)

    May, 2012:

  • Writing and Producing Possibilities Podcasts, etc.
  • Private Sessions in Sharonville Ohio
  • Professional Psychic-Medium Certification Program, Level 2, Springfield Ohio


    Time has gone by faster than I thought it would. And I have been remise in getting this newsletter out. I apologize for the delay. Life just seemed to get in my way. But I've got every thing under control now! (lol) My intention is to send it once a month. So you can start looking for it like that now.

    Our lives have changed so much over the past two years and we are working much closer to home now. Charles and I used to travel for 5-6 weeks at a time, going from Atlanta, to California, to Minneapolis, to Pennsylvania. But we are concentrating our efforts and work in the Ohio Valley and surrounding states.

    A major part of the past year has been preparing blog articles concerning Children and Seeing Sparkles (TheGoBetween Blog). It all started when I received and email from a mother who searched the internet to get answers about her young daughter who saw sparkles. It ended up creating quite a stir on the internet. It seems there are many people who see small orbs or sparkles, as they call them. And they are all looking for information about it. But I have not found an expert source to direct them to. So I ended up writing three expanded articles about the subject. I also have several other recent topics on the blog dealing with psychic and spirit information.

    I've been a guest several times on Tammi Rager's The Now Age Radio Program (internet radio). The most recent topic was Understanding Karma (sharing the evening with Debra Riley). We'll be presenting part two of that topic, Changing Karma on Monday, April 30 (7:00pmEST). Tune in a few weeks earlier (Monday, April 9) for my evening with Tammi talking about Mindful Intention Concepts. I'll be calling in each month with a short segment on Mindful Intentions. So I'll be a regular guest on her show. If you miss a live show you can listen to the replays on the weblink above.

    Last year, I presented the first year-long Professional Psychic Certification Program. It was a project of love that I have wanted to put together for a very long time. With the publication of the new edition of Psychic Integrity, I felt it was the right time. This program is a very involved and solid endeavor, that requires attendence in four day-long intensives throughout the year, plenty of self-study and volunteer outreach in the metaphysical field. Only those who were dedicated to preparing a professional career were expected to participate. And the main requirement was at least one year of psychic/medium knowledge and experience. I'm pleased to say that two dedicated women embarked on this program and successfully finished in February of this year. Christine Rouch of Springfield, Ohio and Tina Badurina of Columbus, Ohio are now Certified Professional Psychic Mediums. The second annual program started in late February, and again I have two more women who are working towards certification.



    "Developing Your Psychic Gift from the Ground Up" By Rev. Melissa Leath

    The best way to start any endeavor is to get your bearings on what you truly want. The foundation of your project is the most important thing. And the foundation of anything always starts with rich, fertile soil. While developing your psychic ability, your prime directive is a search for Truth. That is your fundamental purpose in Life. You may spend your whole life trying to figure out what truth really is. But until you realize that it must come from your own Inner Self, you will be spinning your wheels being distracted by all of Life’s unimportant things. Your mind will attach great importance to these barriers and you will be led to believe they are truth.

    The best way to identify these barriers is to understand yourself: know who you are and where you came from. This is the earthen soil that makes up your Inner Self.

    The mind must be slowed down. You will learn to recognize the mind, as different from yourself and how to work with it, instead of letting it control you. It is a process and cannot be rushed into. You cannot suppress the lower aspect of your life. But by concentrating on the beautiful, natural aspects in life, you will be reinforcing and developing your spirit. Then you will be free to commune with the True Self…the Divine Essence that you are.

    Try this exercise:

    Pay attention to nature. By doing so you will be recognizing the Creator Source, God. Harmony is in every aspect of nature. By focusing on these natural forces, you become more attuned to the Higher Vibrations. By being attuned to the Higher Vibrations, your vibrations are raised too.

    Examples of becoming harmonious to life:

  • By picking up the brown earth, you connect to Mother Earth and the glories of Creator, and will smell the sweetness of the earth.
  • Smell the new mowed lawn.
  • Enjoy the rain falling instead of being irritable that it is raining.
  • Appreciate the artistic value of a flower or leaf.

    Before moving ahead and raising your vibrations, it is necessary to become fully aware of your present reality and the forces of your past, that may have held your back.

    As you recognize and experience the feeling of strength and awareness of your Inner Being, you will know the unlimited world around you. The Infinite and Eternal Laws of the Universe allow you to create deliberately in the physical world.

    As you are able to access (or blend) the Inner Self with the Outer (physical) Self, your total nature will be expanded in your understanding. With your intention you can manifest in your life experience.

    Your personal experimentation with the connection of Inner Self will be very specific to you. But there are certain processes that will assist you on your exploration:

  • The Inner Being. Your Spirit, is constantly wanting to share knowledge and support with you (the conscious self). It is your duty to make yourself available to access the pathway for the connection to be complete.
  • Desire. The desire to open the pathway is paramount for the process to happen. Your degree of desire will govern how quickly or fully it takes place. But as long as you desire it and work towards the opening on a consistent basis, it will succeed.
  • Finding Time. Fifteen to twenty minutes each day will be sufficient. Progress will happen if you are consistent with the daily habit of sitting for opening. Sit with the idea of quieting yourself: Quieting the conscious mind.
  • Be Still and Quiet. Allow your conscious mind to rest. Be still and quiet without thinking on purpose about anything. At first your ego mind will want to be in control. Realize that is all right. After your regular sessions everyday, it will begin to get easier and the quiet time will be accessed properly.
  • Your Intention. As you sit to quiet your mind some wonderful things happen: the physical body starts to relax with benefits such as, lowered blood pressure and tension release. The mind will also release stress. So you will feel very relaxed and possibly ready to sleep. But your intention is to sit for development and opening to the Inner Self. That cannot happen if you are sleeping. Even though you are dropping your awareness of the outer world to become more sensitive to the Inner World, you must be mindful of the physical world being there. It keeps you conscious of your experience.

    Good luck with your meditative times and connection with your Higher Self.

    Blessings until next time.

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