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Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics

Psychic Integrity has really been moving! There have so many sales, especially with the e-book reader versions. Kindle and Nook are becoming very popular and making it easier and more affordable for folks to buy books.

I have had people just type in the words "psychic" and "integrity" and they find the book! (and me!) The public is wanting to make sense of it all. They know there is truth in psychic abilities. But they also know there are unscrupulous people posing as psychics. They want to understand how to find out the truth. So the search is on. And they are finding my book!

Just finished the book , the best I have ever read , opened me up to understand questions I always had. Will keep it close to refer back to as I work on opening up my ability to communicate more as we are meant to be. Thank you Melissa !
~~~ Andrea L. Brock Hitchcock

It is important for the general public to know what is going on in the psychic world of spirits. Because of so much media hype, psychics and mediums have been disrespected for far too long. The truth is in Psychic Integrity, not only for the public to be better informed, but for many psychics and mediums who may not have had any formal training to understand how the process works. When you know how it works, you are more empowered.

Melissa's book, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics ( and Barnes & is discussed at length in her website: There are plenty of excerpts, articles and the full Introduction is there too.

Finally, fears and doubts about the psychic and medium realm of communication are looked at, understood and resolved in the most amazing and respectful way. The once respected and highly revered profession of spirit communion is now addressed.

This is the book that has started the conversation! So what do you have to say about it? Psychic Integrity is easy to purchase. Just click right here:

Book or Kindle on Amazon
Book or Nook at Barnes & Noble

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About Melissa Leath


"Mediumship has to develop and grow; you’ll find that most mediums spend their entire lives developing their abilities. "
~ John Holland


Great Meditation Music by Devaa Haley

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Join Me in following Yvonne Perry's Shifting into Purer Consciousness as it tours cyberspace.

Virtual Book Tour through the Month of JUNE: Here is the line up so far for Yvonne Perry's virtual tour for her new book, Shifting into Purer Consciousness~Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience.

Register by clicking here to get a reminder about this event by filling in the form below.

Integrating spiritual transformation with the human experience; how to embrace multidimensional frequencies; lessen physical and emotional symptoms of rapid spiritual ascension; and tips to make the ascension process easier and quicker.


Here is a quick overview of her events:
Check the Events Page for more detail.

June, 2012:

  • Private Work and Writing
  • Local Development Classes in Springfield and Dayton Ohio
  • Level 2 Workshop for Professional Psychic Medium Certification
  • Internet Radio Guest Segment Mindful Intentions

    July, 2012:

  • Writing and Producing Possibilities Podcasts, etc.
  • Private Sessions in Sharonville Ohio
  • Internet Radio Guest Segment Mindful Intentions


    Well the summer is officially here, don't you think? June is showing her gorgeous colors, beautiful flowers are coming out every day, and the weather has been really wonderful so far. We planted a garden (small compared to 30 years ago, but a garden just the same). We have some silver queen corn, blue lake green beans, heritage tomatoes, peppers and such. Charles still wants to plant some greens. And I think they might just do really great, even though some people consider this being a little late.

    I've written another article or so on the blog (TheGoBetween Blog). It's called "I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost: Ghostbusters and Dan Aykroid". You might find it interesting; it's about the possibility of Ghostbuster III movie being made. Also I have a link there for his father's book about seances and how they grew up in a spiritualist household.

    Yes, that is me in the wedding photo!(photo taken by Christine Rouch) No, not getting married...but performing the wedding! Actually, Charles and I have been married 40 years this October, so I know alot about marriage! Once in awhile, a friend or relative will ask me to officiate a wedding.

    Weddings are not something I officiate regularly, but this was a special occassion. A daughter of one of my Certified Professional Psychics was getting married, and she asked me to do the honors. And in deed, it was an honor! A beautiful May Wedding.

    I gave Level Two of the Professional Psychic Medium Certification Program last weekend. It was really great watching the participants grow in their skills! Only two more levels to go, and they should be graduating from the year long program sometime in December. If you are interested in next year's program, take a look at the information about it to see if it is right for you: Certification Program

    As you might know, I've been a guest several times on Tammi Rager's The Now Age Radio Program (internet radio). There has been an ongoing topic of Karma that I've shared with Debra Riley. And it looks like Karma will conclude with a bang next month (Monday, July 16, 7:00pm ET) with a great group of metaphysical people. Included (besides me and Debra are Karen Rollins, Gaylord Anthony (Tony) Clark, and of course Tammi). It should be a really lively hour, and we will take calls with questions then too. ** Every month (second Monday) I call in with a short segment on Mindful Intentions. I a regular guest on her show. If you miss a live show you can listen to the replays on the weblink above.


    Soul to Soul Tele-Class Series
    Discover your true soul purpose with John Holland.

    This is a chance of a lifetime to work with well-known John Holland in your mediumship abilities!

    Most of us are not able to go to where these exciting classes and presentations are. But with a tele-conference series, it allows you to participate in the convenience of your own home.

    I have followed the teachings of John Holland for many years, and have been very impressed in his ability to share certical information with his students. Just think: you could be a student of John Holland!

    During this 3-part tele-class, how would you like to learn:

  • To open yourself to a powerful and guiding higher consciousness?
  • To have a better understanding of your intuition – the language of the soul?
  • Discover if you have the ability to connect with the Other-Side.

    For more information on John Holland's series, Click Here



    "Levels of Awareness while Sitting for Unfoldment" By Rev. Melissa Leath

    If you and some friends are considering the development of intuition, get together and meet on a regular basis. During the meeting, review the things that interest the group about spirituality. Get to know the other members well. Come to some common ground and understanding. Feel good about each other.

    Decide if your group has the kind of spiritual connection to sit for unfoldment together. Unfoldment is allowing the God-given spiritual talents to increase through practice.

    Everyone has some kind of intuitive ability. Everyone is aware, on some level, of spirit; they are aware of those who passed away hovering close by; of impressions of people, places and things. Everyone has feelings about, or knows certain events before they happen.

    Becoming intuitively aware is the main reason to develop or unfold. This awareness helps with personal and spiritual growth and understanding.

    The only reason you may not be aware of things intuitively is that your life-style may have squeezed intuition out of your awareness. It is still there, but you may be so overcome by your duties in this world, you are not paying attention to the soft murmurs of your inner self.

    It is easy to get wrapped up in the physical world. Society readily stresses the physical and mental components of our lives. As a result, the spiritual aspect of life has been diminished.

    Here are a few useful thoughts on opening intuitively:

  • Spirituality is a way of understanding the divine self. Your spiritual awareness comes through this search.
  • Dedication is important for unfolding psychic or medium abilities. Any honorable search requires true commitment.
  • Meditation is a major tool for unfoldment. Spend time meditating every day to remain open to the inner self.
  • Be aware of yourself and your surroundings. Spend time every day recognizing the small things at hand.
  • Read about and research experiences of others. It keeps your mind centered on what you want.
  • Share information received intuitively in order to gain confidence in the connection. This way a spiritual connection becomes stronger.
  • Practice with others who honor and respect the gift. They can encourage you and help ground your energy.
  • Become involved in a circle of like-minded people. You will support each other.
  • Spend time working on exercises to increase potential.
  • Take advantage of every workshop, class or lecture beneficial to your craft.

    Good luck with your meditative times and connection with your Higher Self.

    Blessings until next time.

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