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MELISSA LEATH has presented many speeches and lectures, as well as other interactions with large and intimate groups of people. Here are some of the offerings:

» Keynote Address Presentation Topics [Partial List]

Understanding Kids with Psychic Abilities
Children are much more intuitive than ever before. But they are also exhibiting psychic and mediumistic abilities. How can you tell if your child is psychic? What can you do to address the situation?

Defining Your Spiritual Path.
Take a few moments to look at your spiritual endeavors in a wider fashion that can focus your intention.

Use Inner Vision To Boost Your Confidence.
Intuition is a natural occurrence within the human species. It rivals and is connected to animal instinct. As long as you have five senses, you can learn to tap into your intuitive sense by recognizing body-mind messages to improve your health and work with others. It is inner-insight brought about in many guises: hunches, dreams, gut-feelings, that give us information to help maneuver in this physical world and the ‘other’ worlds.

Control Your Thought Process and Become a More Effective Thinker.
Becoming more aware of your thoughts can empower you in many ways. Meditation and living in the moment can be of benefit.

Become a Compassionate Leader By Releasing Emotional Issues.
Emotions can really disrupt your life and cause physical problems. Learn to release emotional sensations from your life and excell in interacting with people and the task at hand.

[ Also check out the Lectures (below) and other pages on Workshops or Lectures. Available for customized presentations. ]

» Conference Lectures and Breakout Topics

Guiding Kids with Psychic Abilities
Understand the traits shown by children who are psychic, mediumistic, or gifted (also known as Indigo Children). Learn how to help them enhance their abilities and control them. Being informed helps you show support. Techniques and exercises are shared to benefit you and your children.

The Ease of Meditation
Beginner's Guide to meditating that can bring it home as a self empowering practice.

Symbols of the Subconscious
How Your Higher Self Speaks to You: We all have experiences from childhood that we remember. There is a way to use these memories to assist in communicating with the Divine.

Releasing Emotions
Emotions can really disrupt your life and cause physical problems. Information on how to release emotional sesnations from your life.

Children, Mothers and Meditation
Children and Mothers have an instant bond that can last a lifetime, or be lost in early childhood. Find out how meditation can help keep the connection.

» Lecture with Gallery Style Messages:

The Lecture and Gallery is usually for a larger audience/venue. The event starts with Melissa sharing her training and explanation of how spirit communication works. Then she leads into the Gallery Messages for the audience. Not all audience members will receive a message. Call for details and schedule.

» Spirit Gatherings:

Spirit Gatherings are good for a small, private venue. Between 7-12 guests gathered in an open circle of chairs, lasting one--two hours, depending on the group size. Each guest will receive 10-12 minute connections with Melissa. She will address concerns and possibly connect with loved ones in Spirit (can never be guaranteed), or spirit guides. Each guest may ask questions. Wonderful for families or groups of friends. All guests will receive a spirit message. Call for more information.

MELISSA LEATH, certified medium, Life Visionary, and spiritual counselor/minister—loves teaching metaphysics, spirit communication, and psychic development. She has been working with clients and students for over three decades, assisting them in learning spiritual concepts and recognizing higher purpose for their lives.

Author of Psychic Integrity, Melissa Leath has spent a lifetime following a spiritual path. She was Certified as a Spiritual Medium in 1982, was later ordained in 1997 as a Spiritualist minister. She has become a preferred presenter because of her ability to share information in a personal way with an audience or group.

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