Psychic Kids References

I am continually working on this list. So, I will add to it as I receive them. Please use your discretion when searching. Always ask questions. And if you do not feel good about a source, don’t do it. If you have any suggestions or have your own source available please let me know at melissaleath(at) --I'll check it out hand hopefully add it to the list!

So… here is my list:

    Amy Utsman, Medium and Teacher, Atlanta, GA
    Amy takes clients for private sessions, and gives psychic child consultations.
    Amy Utsman

    Lily Dale Assembly Workshops for Kids
    Children's Week and Teens Week at Lily Dale Camp, various instructors and events during summer.
    Lily Dale, New York

    Maureen Healy Highly Sensitive Kids. Private sessions in person and online, lectures and books. Email: Phone: 310-351-4011 (PST) West Los Angeles, Highly Sensitive Kids

    Spiritually Gifted Children Louisville, KY Group of concerned parents exploring and researching answers for their children.
    Spiritually Gifted Children Website

    Profound Awareness Institute North Carolina
    The oldest organization that I know of, and speak very highly of. Extensive website and week long Camp PsyKids

    Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp near DeLand FL Cassadaga Check with them to see if any of their mediums have children's classes


    Form Your Own Support Group. If all else fails, why not form your own group? You don’t have to make a big deal about it, but you might have once a month at different parents’ houses. Something to think about.

    Chip Coffey - he is well known on TV as a psychic detective type that works with kids that are psychic. You might want to look at his information.

    Empath Articles, Videos, and other help by Judith Orloff Judith Orloff, MD has been a welcome source of information and empowerment for adults as well as children. A wealth of information. Empath Support Community

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  • 2016-2nd Annual Spirit Mini- Camp for Kids & Teens

    Inner Compass and Light Journey Enterprises are thrilled to present a one-day summer camp for kids — and another one specifically for teens — that introduces them to the joys of working with energy and Spirit!

    Bring your child to the 2nd Annual Spirit Mini-Camp for Kids & Teens in Cincinnati. Join Melissa and other talented instructors.

    FOR KIDS: fun and interactive "playshop" for children that encourages intuitive and energetic awareness, and teaches them simple and practical ways to work with their natural gifts.

  • Energy Awareness Tool Box with Melissa Leath
  • Astrology Star Powers with Meredith Melvin
  • Totem Animals with Joanne Franchina
  • The Crystal Palace with Patti Kessler
  • Yoga Mini-Breaks with Michelle Lagaly

    FOR TEENS: in-depth sessions for teenagers to explore and develop your natural energetic and intuitive abilities. Learn simple, practical techniques you can use every day.

  • Energy Wizardry with Patti Kessler & Rose Vanden Eynden Polish your wizardry skills of sensing, moving and directing energy with Qigong. Sharpen your ability to sense energy and move it through and around you. Play with directing energy for healing yourself and others.
  • Spirit Gifts & Guides with Melissa Leath & Rose Vanden Eynden Would you like to be in control of your intuition? In this workshop, you will learn to feel your true self, sense and connect with your spirit guides, trust intuitive (psychic) information, and experience a development circle. We’ll use mini-meditations and exercises to receive spirit-guided information.
    Click Here for all the details!

    "A Little Fox Named Filmore: Animal friends learn the importance of being kind and the hurtful effects of bullying," by Rebecca Homan Coors.

    Amazon Review: Beautifully illustrated, this little children's book teaches a lesson in understanding, much needed these days. The colors are vibrant and really catch the eye and imagination. I enjoyed it too, as much as the grandchildren.

    "Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Children"
    (August 2013)

    Buy the Kindle E-Book Here

    The Storm and Flood Coloring Book Parent Guide ( A loving way for children in flood and storm ravaged areas to cope an deal with stress, fear and confusion. Presented in coloring book format, it gives parents and teachers easy ways to explain what happened and what to expect. It allows the child to see from another's perspective, and reflect on their own situation.)

    The Children’s Flood Recovery Project is the work of a group of mental health and medical professionals and their friends who volunteered their time and talents to help children and families affected by storms and floods.

    The first edition of this book was called “The Great Northwest Flood Recovery” and was created after Dr. Conner and his wife, young daughter and their golden retriever, Jasper, along with many other families, were forced to leave their home because of the freezing and flooding in Oregon and Washington in 1995. That book was published by Mentor Professional Corporation (and inspired the formation of Mentor Research Institute). The first edition of this coloring book was printed and distributed by the professional group that created it. It was later reproduced by Oregon Flood Support Services and, later, by FEMA to help children after floods that occurred in the Midwest in subsequent years.
    The Children’s Storm and Flood Coloring Book

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